Surgery is the branch of veterinary medicine that is concerned with diseases or conditions that may benefit from an operation or other procedure.  Most  people are familiar with surgeons from their own healthcare  experiences, and the analogy from human to veterinary medicine is  generally accurate. 

Most  general veterinary practitioners perform some surgery.  A board-certified surgeon is specially trained in operative procedures in a rigorous and intensive training program.  After obtaining their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, board-certified surgeons must spend a minimum of four additional years in an internship and residency programs in veterinary surgery before being able to sit for the certification exam.  Many board-certified surgeons work in larger hospitals or referral practices, such at TVRH, that provide them with advanced technology and tools that may not be available in many general  practices.  

Our board-certified surgeons will work closely with you, your primary care veterinarian and our other board-certified specialists to ensure that your pet receives the best possible surgical care.