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TVRH, Duke University Battle Cancer Together

Triangle Veterinary Referral Hospitals (TVRH) are excited to announce that we’re working closely with Duke University as part of the Duke Comparative Oncology Group, in an effort to stop cancer. We are currently accepting dogs with Osteosarcoma into clinical trials of two new therapies. If your pup is a candidate, please contact Dr. Will Eward, Dr. Jennifer Arthur or Dr. Cindy Eward at our Durham location. You may either call (919) 489-0615 or send them an email to Oncology@Trianglevrh.com or Surgery@Trianglevrh.com.

TVRH Mascot Hits A Home Run With Fans


Stitch, Triangle Veterinary Referral Hospitals amazing mascot, nailed his inaugural base run of the 2018 Coastal Plain Summer League season! He faced off against Sal, the Salamander and a younger, fiercer opponent during the middle of the third inning on opening day at home, in Holly Springs. Although Stitch hit a home run with the fans, the Salamanders baseball team, didn't fare as well on the field. In front of a sold out crowd, of nearly 1,770 the Salamanders fell to the Marlins 7-4 in extra innings. Check out the Salamanders and Stitch for yourself at the next home game. Triangle Veterinary Referral Hospitals is a proud sponsor of the Holly Springs Salamanders. Click on the link below to see their next game!

Holly Springs Salamanders 2018 Schedule

Local Television Station Consults Dr. Jeff Nunez On Snakebites

TVRH-Durham1-12 1.jpg

Local news affiliate, ABC11 in Raleigh, NC featured Dr. Jeff Nunez, recently, in a story regarding the dangers of snakebites. Nunez, is one of our practice owners and Chief of Emergency Services at our Durham location. Take a look at the awareness piece below:

Protect your dog from snakes this summer

Hampton Crumpler, ABC 11

Friday, May 18, 2018 05:28PM

As summer temperatures continue to rise, North Carolina is beginning to see more snakes creep out of their holes. For people who own dogs, it can be even more frightening.

Dr. Jeff Nunez, chief of emergency services at Triangle Veterinary Referral Hospital in Durham, said the summer months always bring in more cases of snake bites, particularly in dogs.

"This is the time of year we start to see more snake bites," he said. "It's warm and the snakes are all moving around."

Nunez said the central part of the state experiences the most venomous bites.

"In general, Wake and Orange County are considered the state's top counties for venomous snake bites due to a large number of copperheads in the area," he said.

If you let your dog play outside this summer and it gets bit, here's how to handle it:

  • Don't kill the snake. Many people tend to get bit when they try to kill the snake. Instead, try to take a picture of it or keep a mental image of it so the veterinarian can properly identify it and determine if the bite was venomous.

  • Take your dog to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

  • In the future, keep a close eye on your dog, especially when it's around bushes or wood piles.

During the hot summer months, Nunez says he gets 3-5 dog snake bite cases each day.

At the vet, dogs who have suffered a snake bite are either hospitalized and monitored for 12 hours, or they are given some immediate treatment, including antibiotics, and sent home.

After a dog is sent home, it's advisable to keep a close eye on it to make sure it's eating, drinking and not acting out of the ordinary

TVRH Welcomes Dermatology


Dr. Anne Doherty Hinn, a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Dermatology, is now providing the next level of veterinary care to pets around the Triangle. Dr. Hinn earned a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and Nutrition from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) and attended North Carolina State University (NCSU) for veterinary school. She completed two years of small animal private practice and then returned to NCSU to complete a residency in veterinary dermatology. Dr. Doherty Hinn is a Carolina native who proudly calls Raleigh home.

Dr. Hinn has a special interest in topical therapy including medical bathing. As part of the TVRH Dermatology Service, medical baths will be offered and performed by our dedicated and trained dermatology support staff. By pairing medical bathing with other advances in dermatologic medicine, the TVRH Dermatology Service will be able to offer both short term/immediate relief to a variety of symptoms as well as formulate a long-term plan for each pet’s specific condition.

If your pet suffers from skin disease, call our Holly Springs Hospital today at (919) 973-5620 to make an appointment with Dr. Hinn. No referral is necessary


Career Day at Spring Valley Elementary

Dr. Mike Grafinger proudly represented Triangle Veterinary Referral Hospitals (TVRH) at Spring Valley Elementary's annual Career Day. The yearly event, held in Durham, gives young students the chance to learn about various professions. Dr. Grafinger, one of TVRH's practice owners, shared about the road of a veterinary surgeon, which is rather lengthy. It took Dr. Grafinger 13 additional years of education, post high school. 

In addition to his account of being a veterinary surgeon, Dr. Grafinger also brought in live animals, several fossils and surgical tools to educate the students about his career path. 

Three Cheers for Animals


Triangle Veterinary Referral Hospitals (TVRH) are proud to announce Dr. Grafinger recently helped Troop 951 of Durham earn their Three Cheers for Animals badge. The budding Daisy scouts asked tons of questions about veterinary medicine and took an extensive tour of the Durham hospital.

TVRH loves helping the community and values others. If we can help your organization learn more about veterinary medicine, please click here.

Dog Days.png

Dog Day In The Park

Triangle Veterinary Referral Hospitals (TVRH) along with the town of Holly Springs hosted another successful Dog Day in the Park, a pet friendly event geared towards animals and their owners. The celebration featured trick dogs, canine first aid, food, music and plenty of contests for our furry friends such as Cutest, Ugliest, Best Talent, Best Costume as well as Dog and Owner Lookalike.  In addition to these options, participants learned more about local businesses centered on pets and met dogs up for adoption! This was Triangle Veterinary Referral Hospital’s third year sponsoring the public event. 

Hurricane Harvey.png

Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Thanks to people in and around the Raleigh/ Durham area, Triangle Veterinary Referral Hospitals (TVRH) were able to greatly help the animal and human evacuees of Houston. 

Due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, many animals were injured or displaced providing a huge strain on veterinary care in Southeast Texas. Since TVRH, prides itself in providing the next level of care, our staff members did everything they could to provide it from afar by gathering the following supplies:

  • Cat Litter- clumping preferred

  • Martingale Collars-size medium

  • Tarps

  • Dog Treats

  • Paper or Styrofoam Bowls

  • Kitten and Puppy Formula

  • Flea and Tick Preventative

  • Canned Wet Food

  • Litter Boxes

  • Large Metal Dog Bowls

  • Large Trash Bags

  • Cleaning Supplies- bleach, paper towels, sponges, dish soap, latex gloves, general purpose cleaner

Thanks to the overwhelming amount of donations at both locations (608 Morreene Road, Durham, NC;  2120 Werrington Drive, Holly Springs, NC), Triangle Veterinary Referral Hospitalswere able to fill a giant truck and transport it to Texas, courtesy of God's Pit Crew. In addition to the animal supplies, TVRH also raised money for the people! Triangle sent a major monetary donation to the Houston Food Bank. 

If you have any other questions about our Harvey Relief Efforts, contact our Communication and Marketing Specialist at (336) 749-3480.

TVRH in the News:  Triangle Veterinary Referral Hospitals Helps Local Family Buy Service Dog

We’re known in and around the Triangle for providing the next level of veterinary care in emergency and specialty services for small animals. Today, however, we decided to add a little human to our routine care. Earlier, our hospitals presented four-year-old Eliana Deane and her mother Tara, a monetary donation large enough to meet the remaining balance of their GoFundMe account, which the Deane’s created to purchase a therapy dog. Eliana has low-functioning autism and her family members believe a service dog trained specifically to aid individuals with the disorder will increase her quality of life. In addition to the monetary donation, TVRH is also providing three years of Emergency and Specialty care, free of charge, to the Deane family and their future, service dog, Butters.

Butters, a Briard puppy, is believed to possess strong protective instincts which will meet Eliana’s special needs. According to Ry-Con Service Dogs founder, Mark Mathis, Butters will be an excellent fit for Eliana. Butters is expected to join the Deane family officially this summer!

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